Friday, August 27, 2010

DAY 4: Thanks for the support!

Thank you to all who are following me and to those who have offered support and encouragement.  I can assure you, adjusting to a more low-maintenance lifestyle is not as easy as it sounds (or as it sounded four days ago!).  I am interested to know those of you who have encountered a journey like this before - say, a friend has done something similar, or something along those lines.  Also, are there any of you who wish you could do something like this, but feel you can't?  Your thoughts are very welcome on my page!

As of now, my progress is stable.  I did have one setback (a little thing called a can of Diet Coke) yesterday and let me tell you: It tasted nasty.  After only three days of not being exposed to it!  I am amazed, though, how much I crave something like that - a can of Coke, a trip to the mall, a meal on the go...just to break up the pace of life and give me a "pick-me-up".  I wonder what it is that stands between myself and sheer enjoyment of life without these things to use as crutches throughout my day.  That is what I seek to find out.

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