Monday, August 30, 2010

Voluntary Simplicity

I would HIGHLY recommend the book "Voluntary Simplicity" by Duane Elgin.  I am part-way through this insightful piece and am keeping track of my favorite quotes and thought-provoking questions.  Here are a few as food for thought:

The question at hand is, "Can we live more lightly on the material side of life while living with greater satisfaction and meaning on the nonmaterial side of life?  In short, is simplicity a life of sacrifice?"

"Simplicity yields lasting satisfactions that more than compensate for the fleeting pleasures of consumerism."  (I can attest this is true!  It's only becoming more-so in my life!)

Simplicity is PROgressive, not REgressive, and need not be thought of as primitive.

Oh, the list could go on!  This book is for anyone who wants to be inspired to simplify their lives.  And honestly - deep down, who doesn't want to simplify?!  Please pick up a copy ASAP.

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    She tells an interesting story at the very end that I thought you would like.
    Best. Randy